How To Close In Sales For Beginners

Virtually everyone in sales seems to fear the almighty close. What’s the reason for this? The close in sales is the final hammer that either lands you a client (and profit) or doesn’t. However, the majority of what’s taught about closing is wrong. This fact only adds to every closer and sales persons’ fear of not hearing a big “YES! I want it” at the end of a conversation.

This guide is going to walk you through these fears of closing. This is a guide that you can use and learn for life. It is a true guide on how to close in sales for beginners and experts alike! Make sure to go through and read this thoroughly. This is not just another blog written for traffic and SEO purposes. This is a real guide on how to close that comes from 10 years of marketing and sales experience with an 8.4X ROI.

How To Close Sales Call

When you’re deciding how you’re going to close a sales call there are a variety of strategies you can use. Grant Cardone often says you should just ask, “Would you like to use a credit or debit card?”. And other sales “gurus” like Dan Lok would suggest you say, “Why should I let you work with me?”. Both are, well strategies. But, after I worked with Frank Kern and was his number 1 sales consultant – I learned the magic sauce.

Closing a call is much more easy and simple then most people make it. In fact, closing is now the easiest part of the sales call for me. What’s the reason for this? My entire conception and strategy for a call is not selling the customer or client. The purpose of a sales call, is to have a conversation to see if what you’re offering is a fit for the client. Then IF, what you’re offering is a fit for a client, then you simply ask a closing question like this… *(The real magic closing question) “Everything we went through seems like it’s going to help you get the results you want. Would you like to work together?”

Yes, closing a call is as simple as just asking, if the client wants to work with you. You should also usually ask this question BEFORE asking if they want to work with you…

Question A) Does everything we went through sound like it’s going to get you the X,Y,Z problems you’re facing?

(Client says Yes)

Question B) Great, I think so to. Would you like to work with us?

Then you simply cover their objections if they so no, or are not 1000% certain that what you went through will get the them the results they’re looking for.

General Sales Strategy Used Before The Close

Do you know what’s more important in sales then the close? What goes on BEFORE the close. These 2 factors will also dictate whether or not a client buys from you on a call.

  1. The leads being brought into the sales process.
  2. Everything you say before the close in a sales conversation.

These 2 sales factors determine the quality of lead, and the trust built with a lead. All of these things contribute to a lead becoming a client and buyer. 1. Lead quality. 2. Lead trust. 3. Ability of sales person.

Here’s how you can improve the sales strategy you are using to both gather leads, and to communicate with them before the close.

A). How To Improve Sales Lead Quality

You will want to make sure you are using the right messaging and copywriting in your ads and opt in pages that are bringing in leads. Here’s why… If you’re running ads and the messaging throughout them says, “get free stuff, absolutely free, all FREE!”… When someone here’s they’re going to have to make an investment, they’re confused and often won’t have the money. (depending on the copy).

This means that you’ll want to only use the copy that is going to bring in your exact type of desired customer. What’s your “desired customer’? A desired customer in sales is someone who both wants and can afford what you’re offering to them.

So, change your messaging to reflect the kinds of clients you want to be closing. *People with fat wallets and who have a desire to change their situation.

B). How To Close A Lead Before The Close

Yes, you don’t even necessarily have to worry about closing a client. When you’re getting the right leads, and say the right things before the close, often people will already be sold and ready to buy. Often when I sold with Frank Kern, many of the clients were impatient because they literally “just want to buy already”.

You don’t want to sell a client. You want to ask them questions, where they sell themselves. How do you do this?

Ask designed questions where the answers to the questions are the solutions you provide. Here’s an exact example on how to do this…

Let’s imagine I offer quality lead generation services. I have a prospect I’m talking to, and I want him to say, Yes, I want better quality leads. (A.K.A. the exact service I’m offering) How do I do this? I ask questions…

“Hey, I’m glad we’re talking today. I’m going to ask you some questions to find out what you have going on, if that’s okay?

(Client: Yes, sounds great to me)

“Great, so can you walk me through what you’re doing for lead generation right now? I know you mentioned on your sales calls you keep getting tire kickers all the time.”

(Client: Explains they’re getting low quality sales)

“Acknowledge what they said”

“What have you tried to fix this before?” “How did that work out?”

Listen and acknowledge.

Now you understand their problem PRECISELY. And they know, that you know as much as they do.

“So, would you want our help to fix this problem and get you leads that actually want your stuff?”

(90% of the time, client says yes)



“Great, so you’re saying you want to work together?”

Client says yes…


You didn’t have to sell them anything, and they just literally sold themselves by answering your questions.

Upselling Sales Strategies

The most important part of getting sales is retaining the customers and also being able to get them to pay you even more. (While of course servicing the clients more)

You need to have a strategy to continually upsell clients to buy more products and services. This will increase your Life Time Value of customers and also your total ROI generated.

How do you upsell?

Through your emails, and calling, you need to continually follow up with customers and leads. While you do this and build a relationship with them, you are able to also sell them anything else you offer.

You should do this on a consistent and regular basis in order to have a systematic flow of upsold customers as well.

This outline is a great strategy for you to use no matter the industry or niche you’re using sales for.

Enjoy, and let me know how this goes for you.

With my kindest regards

Jon Weberg

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