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“Jon is an industry veteran and marketing beast. Truly a highly accomplished full stack marketer you should work with. 

- John Crestani

CEO Of Affiliate Brands & Super Affiliate

Daniel Doan

“Jon is an awesome dude. He’s great at sales, great at helping people increase their profits, and quite frankly – a genuinely good person who really cares and wants to help other people move forward. He helped me visualize and optimize my sales process a ton… He’s a true genius.

- Daniel Doan

Recognized Global Copywriting Legend

“With Jon’s help we did an additional $57,286 in sales of pure profit! His funnels, websites, and copywriting works – and converts. He’ll help you make your business perform at a global level.”

- Matthew Neer

CEO Of List Leverage

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Jon, he’s really amazing! He’s passionate and very knowledgeable about marketing. I also LOVE that he writes great copy!”

-Renee Frey

CEO Of TalentQ

Jon Weberg And Joel Therien

“Jon has made my company well over $1,121,283 in total sales and I couldn’t be more happy with everything he’s done for us. His consulting, affiliate work, and emails, all convert like crazy… If you’re lucky, he’ll let you work with him.”

- Joel Therien

CEO Of GotBackup, NowLifestyle, & GVO

“Jon and I have been connected for over a year now. He’s been an amazing friend to have in business. He’s helped me a ton, especially with email marketing – and crushing it with sales. 

If Jon is offering anything like coaching, consulting, courses, masterminds, calls… I would definitely take it. Because he knows his $h!t. And now we’ve scaled to nearly 7 figures.

- Josh Cousins

CEO Of Good Karma Business

Josh Cousins

“Jon is a master at sales, and from my first interaction with him, I knew he was capable of creating an emotional response… Which is what we all want to be able to accomplish in our business with our customers. 

He gave me the tools necessary to A) Improve my closing rates. B) Make my sales process convert more… I highly recommend getting on the phone with him, and you’ll see first hand what he can do for your business…”

- Antonio Boccanfuso

CEO of Hoski Media

“Jon was able to bring in over $42,253 in profit in less than 24 hours for my launch. He knows his stuff! People like him, will lift up you & your business to new levels.”

- Tissa Godavitarne

CEO Of 10X Blogger

“Jon will help you solve any problem you’re having in your business. He’s young, ready to help you, and he knows his stuff like the back of his hand. I trust Jon because he delivers results that produce growth for decades.

- Seely Clark

Mentee & Business Leader

“Jon was able to do over $148,368 in sales with us! He’s a beast and true master marketer. I feel very lucky that he is a part of our internal circle and I’m looking forward to doing HUGE things together for many years to come!”

- Greg Chambers

CEO Of Traffic Authority

“Jon’s knowledgeable, versatile, and drops a lot of important valuable information whenever he speaks!”

- Tracy Wilson

CEO Of Tracy Wilson

“You blow my mind man.  Thank you for your incredible help.  Your optimizations for my business were fantastic and I  entirely agree with your recommendations.  Your second set of eyes is so valuable.  Thank you for all of your help! “

- Christ West

CEO Of Insight Directive

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