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Your Monthly Profits Will 2X Or We’ll Work For Free Until Our Goal Is Reached

Our Consulting Is Based On 12 Years of Proven 8.4X ROI Producing Strategy


Make Immediate Profit

After working with (literally) thousands of companies across almost every industry you can think of, we’ll show you exactly how to inject large amounts of immediate profit into your business. On Day 1.


Automate & Simplify

After consulting on how to create immediate results. Jon will walk you through what needs to be in place to automate your results & see them on a consistent & most importantly... SCALABLE basis.


Optimize & Scale

Now that we've walked you through how to setup your business in a scalable way -> learn exactly how to highly optimize your sales process, follow up, and ads - for maximum ROI.

This will increase every important metric you measure your business's progress by.

This will save you immense amounts of time, energy, and money - while increasing your profit and bottom line.


Expand & Train

The more efficient you and your employees are, the faster your company will profitably scale.

When you work with us - everyone in your organization has 24/7 access to our training center.

Here, your employees will learn how to quickly become better (and more fulfilled) at their jobs and produce the company more ROI.

Optimize 22 Metrics That Scale Profit

Customers Love When We Help Them Scale In Meaningful & Lasting Ways

Regardless Of Niche Or Industry – Our Strategies Are Proven To Work

2X Monthly Profits Guaranteed

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“Eliminate The Cracks In Your Businesses Foundation & Finally Scale”

We can immediately identify WHY you haven't scaled...

And determine the EXACTLY solutions to bringing you to your next figure...

If this sound like something you want, then let's work together...


Who we will NOT work with…

1. Anyone who is “just getting started”…

You MUST have an established business for us to work together effectively. If you are "just getting started" my other products can help you.

2. Anyone who is a “time waster”

I work with businesses who understand it takes time, energy, and money to see real and lasting results.

Some of my knowledge, education, and advice WILL get you instant results.

Who we WILL work with…

1. You comfortably have a MINIMUM of $5,000 to invest in your businesses future.

In order for us to work well together, you have to have an established business.

I will not, and can NOT, work personally with anyone who isn't seriously dedicated to spend time and money on their business.

2. You understand it takes… Time, energy, and action to see results…

I will only work with serious business owners, entrepreneurs, or affiliates

who want to reach their next figure, and who understand it takes

resources to create results.

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A) If you don't meet the above conditions we will NOT work with you.

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