The Vision To Change
Business Forever

See The Results You Deserve. Get The Customers You Want. Make A Difference.

I live To Make Your Journey Easier

Because Of The Past...

After being the Underdog, And Making NOTHING My First 2 years, You Deserve The Success I have Now

Here's My Story

From Highschool Student To CEO

Raised in a small mining town with a shrinking economy dependent on the mining industry, I got started in online marketing at 10 years old. Starting simple and learning from my dad, at 11 years old I designed my first website and started building my list. I didn’t know that this would be the foundation for all of my later on success…

As time went on, I began wanting to become more involved and wanted the freedom lifestyle I saw online. Even though the town’s economy I lived in was never constant, and our own income wasn’t either, I knew it was possible to change your own life, and others. At 14 years old I began writing the first copy of Marketing Mastery Elite on a notebook in a hotel in Duluth, Minnesota. Visualizing the future I could help create for others, I struck a deal with my friend from school and the first version of MME was created at 15.

Refusing help from my dad, Jon continued sinking money into MME even while it failed. Going -$1,500 on my investments in the program, I felt like a failure but knew MME had the potential to change marketers lives across the world. I gave in, and asked my dad, Richard Weberg, to help bring it to fruition and success.

This began the growth that would lead to my first breakthrough success! Over the next few years, I began gathering knowledge and education in order to share with the masses how to truly see more results in their businesses. Speaking across the United States, writing my first book at 20 years old, living free and on my own, I had forged my own path to help and give to others…

Here, to help YOU…

I operate my life with a guarantee. The guarantee to help every marketer, entrepreneur, and business in the world, see more results, generate more leads & customers, and to finally see the results they’ve been striving to see for years. I will endlessly work, to amaze you. To ensure your happiness, success, and that your path is one you enjoy!