How To Work With 6-9 Figure Businesses – And Earn Their Respect

Here’s my shot! This one email, this one message, this one “DM” could lead to your business or company reaching it’s next comma!


You try another… No response.


You repeat this process blue in the face, unsure of exactly why you can’t get the deal made, or even started in the first place.

This used to be me as well, I was a spamming unknown little kid who was ignorant that he was on the edge of breaching forward.


Because I hadn’t seen results with my approach, I decided to create a new approach. One that was down to earth. It was an approach, that was simple – and that none of the “guru“s preached about.


It was genuine, in short terms.


All you need to do, is show that you care, and that you are going to focus on THEM.

(Here’s a longer form of exactly how to make 6-9 figure connections: Click Here)


You don’t need to “brag” about what you’ve accomplished. Because then they’ll KNOW that you’re full of B.S. Or they won’t care.

You don’t need to “fake it”, they see through the guise, everyone does.

You need to be genuine. Solve their problem, lay out an accurate solution, and ask for their business. Or ask for their time. Or ask, to have a small conversation. And continue building a relationship with them.

It’s THAT simple!


The reason this approach works?

We’re all people. And as the saying goes…

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”


Use that, in all of your marketing, content, and in reaching out to accomplish the deals that could help you reach your next comma.

If you want to learn more about how to reach your next comma, just visit


Have an amazing day!


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg


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Jon Weberg is a consultant who works with businesses and companies

to create the right precise strategies to help them reach their next comma.

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