All 5 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Next Comma

You know them truly, and you might even love them! The excuses you give, and myself occasionally as well, that keep us all from reaching our next comma.   They degrade and detract, keeping our revenue, leads, and content to a stand still. No more however! Because we’re about to dissect and execute these 5 […]

Why Your Audience Isn’t Listening – And How To Change That

You write emails, you post content, you create videos, and for most businesses, you’re met with, – jack squat. Or close to. You’re unsure why, and you want to change it.   I’ve been there too, along with the companies I consult for. It seems to be a viral issue that’s on the rise. People […]

How Consulting & Mentoring Changed My Life, And How It Can Change Yours

Ever hear the saying, “Who you network with, defines your net-worth? Either way, Grant Cardone, the world’s #1 salesman and marketer agrees. At 17 I didn’t quite understand this. On my way to a mentoring and leadership in circle mansion in Cabo San Lucas with 6, 7, 8, and yes, 1 single 9 figure earner, […]