How Consulting & Mentoring Changed My Life, And How It Can Change Yours

Ever hear the saying, “Who you network with, defines your net-worth? Either way, Grant Cardone, the world’s #1 salesman and marketer agrees.

At 17 I didn’t quite understand this. On my way to a mentoring and leadership in circle mansion in Cabo San Lucas with 6, 7, 8, and yes, 1 single 9 figure earner,

I didn’t quite grasp this saying or what it truly would give someone.

For 7 days while staying paradise, I learned from some of the greatest minds to ever be experience, I had spent the past 3-4 years studying marketing, conversion, and so much more, but never had I had THIS level of experience with one of the world’s top .1% er’s.

I absorbed like a sponge, and through the next years used that knowledge to develop myself and over 55,000 others to levels never experience before.

Almost finished writing my first book, creating my own company, and being a super-affiliate for the past 5 years had been the results,

all from that first event.


You learn light years faster, from people who’ve gone through the trials and tribulations more than anyone else. Consulting and mentoring has brought me to the beginning, of the pinnacles I will still reach, and it can for you and your business or company as well.

Michael Jordan, Sam Ovens, Dan Lok, Dan Pena, and so many others reached, and ONLY reached the same levels they came to be because of their own mentors.

Do you see the trend?

It works, and I’d love to offer you the chance for a limited time and discount, to work with myself and our company, Weberg Enterprises.

No matter your company, business, small business, or situation, we’d love to help you reach your next comma.


And levels higher than you’ve ever experienced.

If you’re interested in seeing how this could mutually benefit both of us, simply go to to learn more.

Your future, is depending on a mentor or consultant. If you want to reach the next comma!

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