Affiliate Summit West: Las Vegas: With Jon Weberg, Richard Weberg, Joel Therien.

Viva la vida in Las Vegas! We attended the western Affiliate Summit for the whole 3 days of

private parties, inside JV deals, putting together incredible content, and see WHICH of


the companies that were there we’d be able to work with.


We weren’t disappointed! The Affiliate Summit this year held in Vegas was

organized, put together, and executed to bring together some incredible leaders.


The best speaker had to have been Neil Patel by far, covering topics including the FUTURE of affiliate marketing.


Joel Therien, myself, and Richard Weberg also enjoyed the fun times walking the strip,

eating some absolutely incredible food, going to a private party, and meeting with some BIG names

to produce some awesome future JV deals coming up VERY soon.


You see, there are a few major keys that the elite use to continue propelling forward.

#1. Mindset

#2. Relationships.


Both of which fuel future growth, because they bridge the gap that SO many people miss.

You already know what mindset does… But relationships with other larger producers in your same field or industry, can give

you some of the most insane amounts of exposure ever.


Make sure you attend events like this, which had well over 10,000 attendees.


Affiliate Summit West was a completely success for so many reasons.
You are going to be so excited for the launches that are approaching VERY soon.


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

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