What is the LifePreneur Launch and Why Your Business Needs This

You’ve maybe not seen Chris Record talk about LifePreneur before,

but you’ve seen his rap videos and other ventures…

After producing deca, (tens) of millions of dollars online, he wanted to venture into something different…


A company or service, that everyone in each industry would want and NEED to build their OWN business and team

faster then never before.


What is LifePreneur and What Does It Give You?

LifePreneur’s focus, is to help you build whatever YOU want, easier and into a 6+ figure income stream.
Not an easy task, but with Chris Record approaching the 9-figure producer spectrum, you might consider what else is in store…

Life Preneur Network will have it’s own like-TV channel teaching how to market and sell any product or service,

from multi-million dollar trainers who are specialists and masters in their own industry.


As well, LP will contain it’s own 6+ figure training courses based around each area in our industry.

Such as Ecommerce, CBD oil, Network Marketing, Investing, and so many other areas will all be covered,

by complete LifePreneur Masterclasses…


That alone should cost hundreds of dollars a month, but they’re not done yet!


Through LP you’ll have access to Virtual and Live mastermind training and education events being

performed and done through 6,7, and 8 figure earners in each respected industry as well!


On top of all of this is the LP marketerplace that will allow you to become a master affiliate in any or all of the

companies you so choose. Like I said, no matter the industry, company, or business you’re running…

LifePreneur will help you create a 6+ figure income in your pocket with what ever you choose!

Do you see how many, million of people, would want this right now?


LifePreneur Compensation Plan:

50% commissions with a BONUS compensation plan based on physical rewards…
All inclusive vacations, thousand dollar watches, a car program, and more are all in the works!


And that’s not including all of the commissions you’ll make by simply following the training and education

from 6,7,8, and yes 9 figure earners!


You’ll be able to earn both monthly and one time commissions, residual each and every month…


Including $1000 and $2000 top tier commissions as well!


Should You Build Your Business With The LP Network?



Simply because the education inside that you’ll get, and that you can sell to your entire downline and team as well can easily

help you start generate more commissions in whatever company, business, or industry that YOU are building in..


This education, training, live, and virtual events will give you masterclass level information to assist all of your marketing and YOUR personal business.


You can get started now with Life Preneur as a favored member, right here!



And remember if you join our personal team,

we will give you insider access to everything we know, and as well our personal

training on how to create a 6+ figure income with LP itself!:)



*LifePreneur is not a scam or pyramid scheme.
It’s sells both digital and physical products, while giving you a true education to produce more sales

and leads in YOUR business, company, or opportunity.


Chris Records is the CEO and Founder, who has a deca-million foundation of knowledge behind him.


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