How To Double Any Company or Business Revenue In 30 Days, Or Less

After marketing now for over 10 years…The basis for doubling almost any companies revenue, any personal businesses profit, and so much more is simple.


Yeah, right…

Most leaders, entrepreneurs, and others are reading this right now thinking I’m on drugs.

And, I’m not… I’m on, the basic fundamentals for raising profit, customer retention, doubling conversion, giving true value,

the list goes on.

What happens when companies and businesses begin to struggle, they panic. They go into a frenzy, and then loose control.

Causing the income and customer relationship to drop, and I mean drop.


And that’s why, we’re going to return to the basics, and show you right now how any business or company within the 10-100 employee size can

double, if not nearly double their sales and revenue within the next 30 days… Give or take a few.



  1. You must drip feed your customers value, downloads, and freebies consistently. These are to be of a substantial, and real value as well. I’m not talking some quick 7 page power-point. You should be giving them a 32 page Ebook on how to triple conversions with texting and calling leads. If you give the same crap everyone else does, you see the same crappy results everyone else does.
  2. You have to have a strong one-track minded clear messaging throughout your entire company model, slogan, emails, and all content and copy. This erases friction, gives clarity, and builds a strong focus for consumers. This also includes having a frontal person, logo, or representation for what your company is and stands for. Again, this is honestly the basics, but most companies fail to come close to meeting the standards of those who’re in the lead.
  3. You have to show massive social proof. This draws in hundreds if not thousands of other potential customers, and shows current customers why they should stay.
  4. You have to run contests, show personality, care, and most of all…
  5. You have to follow-up better than ANYONE else in your industry or niche. The follow-up process is responsible for 90% of sales on the LOW-END…So it needs to be your strongest point without a doubt!

If you can follow those 5 points, and execute them well, you’ll be able to drastically raise revenue, keep customers longer, and much more without spending almost a penny along the way!

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Utilize those now, and let me know how they perform!


With my kindest regards,

John Weberg

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