The 4 “Tasks” Your Business Expansion Depends On

 No matter the size of your list, or whether you’re making $100 a month or $1 million a month with your online business. If you want to scale forward, then these aspects of your business should be your SOLE focus. 1…. Lead & Customer Management: Your entire business will always run on how well you can generate and manage your leads and customers. You want to MAKE sure… That you:  
A: Follow up, in varying perspectives and angle, daily with your leads and customers. In as many different forms of media as you can. This will ensure they see consistent messaging, and are able to build a quality like know and trust with you and your brand.   B: Upsell, downsell, cross-sell : It costs nothing and will increase your conversions drastically. Different people have varying interests and needs, meaning… You need to offer your list and current customers: a variety of products and services that are similar, at varying price points. Do so, in a way that correlates with what you currently offer, and you’ll be golden.   2. Conversion Tweaks. You should always be testing and experimenting with your messaging, emails, and funnels, in order to see what converts and what doesn’t. Allowing you to get more bank for your buck, every single time. Split test, and never stop!   3. Scale. If you’re staying still, you’re going backwards. You need to stay in your customers and audiences minds as much as you can. This means spending and investing to be #1, to be ahead of the game, and to get your name and brand visible and seen.   What will cost you more..? Not being seen. Or being seen, and trusted, by everyone. Choose your cost, wisely.   4. Your Schedule Whether its producing content, contacting leads, or whatever your “job” or business tasks are. You need a well defined, exact schedule, with ONLY result producing activities. This will maximize your efficiency, and the results you see there after! ————————————————————– Hope you use this information, and propel forward! Have a great weekend! – JW


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