High Ticket Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

High Ticket Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

The digital marketing strategy has shifted over the past few years. As the digital marketplace has became more self aware of advertisements, copy, and how they interpret information – companies have shifted to a new business model. The high ticket digital marketing strategy has became mainstream and is now being sought after by thousands of entrepreneurs and companies across the world.

Often, you want to captivate new digital marketing strategies, so you can leverage any new information and use it to your advantage. Because of this, we decided to help out those looking to acquire new digital marketing strategies that are meaningful.

This full high ticket digital marketing strategy guide will walk you through every step of integrating, understanding, and being able to use high ticket digital marketing for your own business and life.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing?

This great question, is being asked by entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. What really is high ticket digital marketing? What is high ticket sales? And, what can it do for your business?

High ticket digital marketing is the process of marketing a business that sells high ticket products and services. This generally means that a digital business is selling products or services above average market value – or at a $1,000 + price point.

This high profit margin marketplace and strategy is allowing businesses to scale much faster. As you have more readily flowing capital available, you’re more liquid, and capable of scaling your efforts forward.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Meaning

The meaning of high ticket digital marketing, is using the strategy of utilizing high price points to sell a product or service. Many people overcomplicate the meaning of high ticket sales, and high ticket marketing, while it is quite simple.

How To Get Into High Ticket Digital Marketing

Getting into the high ticket digital marketing world is extremely easy. But, the process of closing clients at higher price points is where the struggle begins. Because, to get into the high ticket digital marketing world, you simply need to increase your prices to a high ticket level. Yes, you can literally and easily just increase your prices. This, can also cause an influx of customers to purchase before you raise your prices, which can increase profits as well.

As well, you can add upsells in your sales process that are priced at a high ticket price point too.

Why Do High Ticket Digital Marketing?

Many companies have been turning to high ticket digital marketing in order to raise their profit margins and ROI without increasing their costs. Adding high ticket items, products, and services, allows any business to – instantly increase profit.

This high ticket digital marketing strategy is quite the profit hack, and is why it has became such an incredible phenomenon. The high ticket space is growing rapidly, and it is advised that you become a part of it.

High Ticket Niches For Digital Marketing

There are a variety of high ticket niches in digital marketing where high ticket pricing works great. Because often in niches where low ticket prices are common, it can be more difficult to introduce high ticket pricing.

The following niches are great for high ticket sales, products, and services being offered to customers & clients.

  1. Ecommerce – The ecommerce niche is filled with a variety of different kinds of products that can be sold, packaged, and made for sale at high ticket prices pretty easily.
  2. Agency Services – Agencies offer high ticket pricing on their services on autopilot. This means that it is remarkably easy to sell high ticket offers when you have an agency. (compared to low ticket niches)
  3. High Ticket Items – In general, you want to be able to find premium and boutique items that you can sell for a high ticket price point. Clothing, Jewelry, Furniture, and more – can all be sold at high ticket pricing.
  4. Real Estate – You already know how high ticket this niche is – in fact it is the highest ticket pricing model to ever exist.
  5. Vehicle Sales – A well known and easily accessible job or business that anyone can begin and sell high ticket with.
  6. Sales – Sales jobs are well known for creating millionaires and in the sales industry you can sell virtually and kind of product and service and collect handsome high ticket fees.
  7. Premium Business Services – High quality services offered to businesses are usually sold at high ticket price levels and businesses are willing to pay for them.
  8. Education – Educating people at various levels of specialty and depth can be sold in the high ticket sales environment depending on who you’re selling the education too – and their need for what you’re offering.
  9. Training – Training people to learn skills can charge high ticket prices, as learning skills allows people to generate businesses and high levels of revenue.
  10. Premium Services – Top services of any kind can be sold at premium price points in the high ticket sales word as well.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Jobs

There are some great high ticket sales job that you should consider working in or at least learning about. High ticket digital marketing jobs are one of a kind because of your potential to earn very large commissions. This can generate you a high ticket sales income that can be unmatched even by CEO’s and business owners.

Here are the best high ticket sales jobs and high ticket digital marketing jobs…

  1. Software Sales – Selling software often comes with recurring payouts as companies, entrepreneurs, and people, tend to pay for software on a monthly basis.
  2. Training Sales – Training that is offered to businesses or people can sell for $1,000’s – $10,000’s a piece! People love to learn and master skills that pay them in their own way.
  3. Education Sales – Education and knowledge is what many people are after and will pay premium high ticket prices for.
  4. Premium Services Sales – High ticket premium services always sell for high ticket price points and usually the people who are interested in these services are almost always ready to pay the price.
  5. Premium Products Sales – High ticket boutique and luxury products can also sell at a high ticket level and generate generous commissions.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Salary

The high ticket digital marketing salary expectations can be small or large depending on your sales skills. High ticket sales people usually can expect to earn anywhere between $60,000 – $200,000 per year in sales commissions depending on their skill level.

You should expect to earn anywhere between 5-20% commissions from the total sales you generate. This means that selling a $10,000 product would grant you a $500 – $2,000 commission. People turn to sales when they want to earn a generous income. Often in a sales position you are granted a low salary but high commissions earning percentage to supplement the low salary.

Steps To Start High Ticket Digital Marketing And Succeed At It

You have 3 different ways to get into high ticket digital marketing and high ticket sales. I’m going to walk you through both of these methods of earning high ticket commissions and earnings, and how to succeed at either one.

Work In A High Ticket Sales Position

The easiest way to get into high ticket digital marketing and sales, is to get into a high ticket sales position for a reputable company. There are tens of thousands of businesses across the world in desperate need of quality salesmen and saleswomen to sell their products and services.

This means that finding a high ticket sales job or position will not be hard. However, becoming great at sales can be more difficult. But, it will only be a difficult journey for you, if you’re following the wrong sales guidance. How do you ensure you do a great job in your sales role?

Learn sales at Marketing Mastery Elite, through my own consulting, or through another sales professional who is at the top of their industry. Do not settle and follow any decent, good, or even great sales person’s guidance. You only want to follow and learn from the greats, who have a proven long term sales track record. This will ensure you will excel in sales.

Start A Business That Sells High Ticket Products Or Services

Yes, you can start your own business that sells high ticket products and services. By adopting this high ticket digital marketing sales model when you start a business – you’ll be starting a business that by default has high profit margins. However, starting a business and running a business, is more difficult.

You will need to start learning how digital marketing works, how to create your business, and how to run your business. If you want to learn more about starting your own business, here’s an example and article on how to start a lead generation business.

Turn Your Current Business Into A High Ticket Business Model

You may be reading this article and already own a business, however you’re selling products and services in the low ticket space. Often this low ticket sales space see’s low profit margins, and it is extremely difficult to scale easily.

Your business can change for the better and forever, if you consider adopting a high ticket digital marketing business model. High ticket sales will allow you to charge more, retain more customers, earn more money per customers, and so much more!

Take the time to consider if introducing high ticket sales into your business model is right for you.

Final Thoughts On High Ticket Digital Marketing

You’ll find that the new and growing high ticket digital marketing space is going to stick around forever. It is one of the fastest ways businesses and individuals are able to grow their wealth exponentially. I highly recommend that you get into high ticket sales, as I’ve generated millions of dollars in sales through selling high ticket products and services.

Understanding what are the best high ticket items to sell is also going to be a learning curve that you should consider learning more about as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and have a great day!

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