High Ticket Items To Sell

Best High Ticket Items To Sell

You want to get into the high ticket world, right? You see the impressive profit margins being generated by consultants, agencies, ecommerce companies, and so many others. I don’t blame you, the high ticket world attracted me to it as well! After selling millions of dollars in the high ticket item and sales world – I thought I’d create a high ticket items to sell guide for you!

Why Sell High Ticket Items?

With ever increasing advertising costs, selling high ticket items allows you to rapidly scale your business while increasing your profit. You see, when you increase or charge larger amounts of money for any product or service, you grow your profit margins.

This increase in profit margins generates you more money that can be reinvested back into traffic or into other aspects of your business.

Learning how to sell high ticket items has been the new and growing trend for businesses to go about this profitable growth.

How much is a high ticket item?

A high ticket item or high ticket sales item – is an item, product, or service – that costs more then the average marketplace item. General, a high ticket item is considered anything that costs over $1,000.

Why Sell High Ticket Items

Is It Hard To Sell High Ticket Items, Products, And Services?

No, selling high ticket products & services is just as easy as selling low ticket products & services. It’s a common misconception that selling lower ticket is more difficult then selling high ticket. But, if that was the case…

Then how do all of the agencies sell multi-thousand dollar products and services to thousands of businesses each and every month? All while, there are some people and businesses who struggle to sell a few $13 items every day.

The answer is, something is only difficult to sell, if you don’t understand how to sell it & who to sell it too. This is why it’s so important to understand sales and how high ticket selling works – before you start trying to selling anything.

How To Sell High Ticket Items?

Learning how to sell high ticket items is just as important as understanding the best products and services to sell and offer. This is why we’re quicky going to go through, the simple yet effective process to sell anything over the phone or in person. (regardless of being high ticket or low ticket)

How To Sell High Ticket Items

Here are the steps to sell any high ticket product or services effectively…

  1. Speak only to high quality leads. – You only want to speak to leads that are actually interested in what you’re offering. And, who can afford your services comfortably.
  2. Qualify your leads. – Make sure that you filter and make sure your leads are of high quality.
  3. Follow a question based sales script or question based sales guideline – General guidelines help guide the sales conversation.

The best sales script or best sales guideline is this here…

  1. Intro
  2. Build Rapport
  3. Ask Questions To Identify Their Business Model, How It Operates, and What Their Problems Are
  4. Ask Deeper Questions To More Closely Identify The EXACT Problems They Have
  5. Ask Questions Surrounding How They Would Like To Escape Their Situation
  6. Relate Their Want To Escape, And Path To Have Their Problems Solved, To What You’re Offering
  7. Ask If They Are Interested In How Your Solutions Can Solve Their Problems
  8. They Say No, Cover Objections and Then Ask For Sale Again
  9. They Say Yes, You Got The Sale!

This general guideline is among the best sales scripts ever created. It was used while working with Frank Kern and did around $860,000+ in sales in only 4-5 months of use.

Best High Ticket Items To Sell

You want a profitable, and remotely easy product or service to sell. Regardless of the niche or industry are in, there ARE ways for you to turn any offer into a high ticket offer of some kind. Often this can be done through packages, bonuses, upselling, downselling, raising prices, and so much more as well.

Because selling high ticket items is so impactful, we’re going to go through the best high ticket products and services in the industry to sell and offer to your audience.

We’ll cover both specific products and companies you can promote for, and also generic ways you can sell different kinds of products or services in the marketplace.

Without further ado… Here are the best high ticket products and services you can sell.

Best High Ticket Products To Sell

Products (especially consumable ones) are among the most sought after things to sell in the world. Whether you are selling workout equipment, crates of expensive liquor, or microphones – there’s always a way to go high ticket.

Because of this, we’re going to cover more generic ways you can sell high ticket products, and also specific high ticket products to sell.

Best Kinds Of High Ticket Products Sell

There are a variety of different ways you can package or offer products in a high ticket atmosphere. The best kinds of ways to sell high ticket products that sell are as follows…

  1. Sell packages that include many smaller products – to then be sold at a high ticket price.
  2. Sell high end products. These are often reputable brand names that are near globally recognized
  3. Workout equipment, real estate, financial products, top of industry education, vehicles, recreational vehicles, franchises, TV’s, sound systems, furniture, appliances, and more are all high ticket products you can sell.

Among all of the high ticket products available in the marketplace, which however are the easiest and most profitable to sell?

What are examples of high ticket sales items?

  1. Recreational vehicles / vehicles : Easy to sell and highly collectable by the masses – always in demand
  2. Real estate : high profit margins and is the #1 path to generate millionaires overtime
  3. Courses : Cost next to nothing to produce, generate near instant profit if advertised right
  4. Masterminds : A step up from courses, huge profit margins, just take time to be put together
  5. Package deals : This can get merchandise and product out the door in masses, while adding on a nice bonus value to the customer in the end

Each of these 5 potential products to be sold, will allow you to generate a high profit margin and sell them each at a high ticket price. Make sure, that you research and or learn more about any niche or industry you decide you’re going to invest in.

Best High Ticket Affiliate Offers To Sell

Instead of selling your own products and services, you can also sell other people’s products and services and collect a nice commission at a high ticket price as well! There are a variety of companies, agencies, etc… That have referral or affiliate programs that will allow you to earn these high ticket commissions.

Here’s a few high ticket affiliate programs…
  1. Marketing Mastery Elite : MME is the #1 business education and skill mastery course collection in the world. They also, sell their products at a premium price that you can cash in on at 25% commissions, and earn multiple thousands of dollar per sale
  2. Name The Agency : Contact an agency, almost any – and ask if you can refer them customers for a commission. They’ll almost all say yes, and pay you handsomely as well
  3. Traffic Authority : TA or Traffic Authority is a boutique traffic and lead provider that pays generous commissions for every referral you send their way, and they pay for LIFE on EVERY traffic and lead package someone invests in
  4. Name the mastermind : If you find a mastermind and ask if you can refer them attendees, they will definitely say yes!

You should contact any of these places, or look on their websites, for affiliate and referral programs. They should all be publicly available.

High Ticket Products For Dropshipping

The best high ticket products for dropshipping are going to be luxury goods, package deals, and equipment. For example, there are colognes, clothes, and home goods that have luxury taste that sell for high ticket prices.

Best High Ticket Services To Sell

High ticket services are among the best high ticket items and high ticket offers you can sell. Why? Often, you will be able to earn recurring commissions from any services you sell – but it depends on the company you’re promoting for. High ticket services often have lower commission rates, but over recurring commissions that often can last for a lifetime.

Here’s some high ticket services to sell…

  1. Agency Services: Monthly marketing, sales, follow up, and advertising services sell very well.
  2. Traffic Services: Services that offers leads, clicks, and traffic, can also sell well.
  3. Consultant Services: Monthly high retainer consulting has high profit margins for high ticket sales.
  4. Cleaning Services: Cleaning services done in certain large cities and charge a premium.
  5. Tax Services: Tax and financial services have created a large amount of millionaires and function in the high ticket sales space.
  6. High Ticket Digital Marketing: Especially in the online world, high ticket digital marketing has started taking over the industry. Learn more about the specialty by clicking on that link.

Each of these services can be sold at a high ticket level and high ticket price point. Make sure to contact and get a hold of the company or someone that is an affiliate manager before sending any traffic or potential customers their way.

High Ticket Sales Courses To Learn How To Sell Better

Yes, there are some high ticket sales courses you can invest in to learn how to do high ticket sales and how to sell high ticket items without difficulty. We’ve gathered together the most legit and quality courses together for you to decide which one you’d like to potentially invest in…

  1. Marketing Mastery Elite: With MME you are able to learn from one of the best sales courses in the entire marketplace. You’ll learn how to master sales and every aspect high ticket sales as well.
  2. Affiliate Millionaire: With affiliate millionaire you’ll learn how to do high ticket sales as an affiliate! (From someone who has done $1.4 million in sales
  3. YT Marketer: YouTube Marketer teaches you how to create converting content on YouTube to attract leads and customers for your high ticket items
High Ticket Sales Courses To Learn How To Sell Better

Each of these will help you understand how sales, marketing, and business works. Which will give you a better understand of sales and how to become better at sales. We’ve found that by going through these courses, your closing and customer acquisition rates will increase.

Is High Ticket Sales Legit?

Yes, high ticket sales is legit and has been in existence since forever. At every point of time in history, someone has sold a product or service at a higher price point then the average market value. High ticket sales is a legitimate practice and strategy that serious businesses spend time on developing.

How To Make High Ticket Phone Sales Easy

As you are thinking about the best high ticket items to sell, you’re probably wondering – how can I actually run a sales call? How do I do high ticket phone sales?

If you really want to learn more about this, go to article here on how to do high ticket phone sales easy – seriously – I lay out the process step by step for you.

You should always learn sales or how to sell any high ticket item – from an experienced industry expert who has past experience selling high ticket profitably and relatively easily.

Final Thoughts On Best High Ticket Items To Sell For Profit

High ticket sales remains one of the fastest ways to generate profitable wealth. You’ll find that learning how to sell high ticket items is going to be a valuable skill for your to master. Often, those who learn how to master high ticket sales are generating multiple 6-7 figure incomes.

Over the years (especially recently) more companies are looking to bring in high ticket sales into their sales process and offerings. Who knows what the future of high ticket sales will be, but for the foreseeable future it seems bright and full of sales potential.

If you’d like to learn more about how to sell high ticket services in highly profitable way, consider talking with me about some consulting and guidance.

Thank you so much for reading through this article, and I hope it helps you out in your sales journey.

With my kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

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