High Ticket Phone Sales

How To Do High Ticket Phone Sales

The pressure is on, and closing this call might mean the difference between closing a $20,000 sales and collecting $4,000 in commissions. Your heart is beating fast, and you’re worried that you might not close the sales. This, is an average day for most high ticket phone sales closers. However, it doesn’t need to be like this.

In the world of high ticket phone sales, there is a big difference between the best in the industry – and the average salesman. What is the difference?

The difference is the ability to go through a sales conversation effortlessly, while closing the customer in 80% of your conversations. Let’s go through this guide now and show you how to close like a professional!

What Is High Ticket Phone Sales?

High ticket phone sales, is the process of selling high ticket items on the phone. This means that you could be offering products, services, or resources – to the prospect you’re talking with. As well, high ticket phone sales don’t have to take place just on the phone. You could be on a Zoom call or Google Hangout as well while having the sales conversation.

What Is High Ticket Phone Sales

Maybe this explanation about high ticket phone sales isn’t in depth enough for you. So, if you want to truly understand what is high ticket sales and how does high ticket sales work, read the article we link to here. High ticket sales is essentially very similar to normal sales, but there are a select few differences you should be aware of.

How Does High Ticket Phone Sales Work?

High ticket phone sales work pretty simply. You have a schedule appointment to talk with a prospect who is interested in the products or services you are selling, and then you call the prospect or get on a Zoom call with them – to discuss if the products or services you are offering are right for them.

Here’s The Step By Step High Ticket Phone Sales Process

  1. Gather leads and prospects.
  2. Send the leads and prospects through a sales process to book a call
  3. Get on the call and go through the sales conversation
  4. Close and onboard the lead or prospect
  5. Provide support for the prospect, and potentially upsell / down-sell them.
How Does High Ticket Phone Sales Work

That is the main process to generate, manage, close, and upsell a lead or prospect successfully.

Outbound High Ticket Phone Sales

Sometimes companies want their sales people to do outreach to leads they’ve generated. This means, that you cold call or warm call out too, leads generated by the company. This form of sales is lower converting, however it can improve and increase profits with a good enough salesman.

Inbound High Ticket Phone Sales

The majority of the time you’re working with a good company, you will have inbound leads and prospects to sell. This means that the company generates leads that book a call on your schedule, where you will have a mutual appointment set at a pre-defined time. This will give you time to prepare and be ready for al of your sales calls. Often, this method of sales is preferred by the vast majority of sales people.

Why Do High Ticket Phone Sales?

High ticket phone sales and high ticket sales in general, provide a highly profitable way to generate high profit margin sales and commissions. You can make as much as $2,000 – $20,000 per sale you close. This allows you to general high levels of income that can keep you financially secure.

As well, doing high ticket phone sales will boost your communications skills. People who practice and participate in skills learn how to master receiving objection, rejection, and hearing no. Additionally, people who learn sales skills are also more capable of bargaining for what they want, and being able to communicate well made deals.

Why Do High Ticket Phone Sales

How To Do High Ticket Phone Sales Guide

We’re going to go through now a thorough guide on how to do high ticket phone sales, step by step. Pay close attention, and read through each step carefully so you will full understand the process. This guide should be followed closely, so you can generate and close more sales leads and sales prospects successfully.

Step #1: Generating The Lead

Before you can get on a phone sales call, you have to have someone to talk to! Of course, this means either the company you’re going to work with or yourself, must generate a lead. You either generate leads through paying for advertising, outreach, or creating organic content. Whichever 1 or combination of these lead generation methods are used, you’ll be able to generate leads for your sales appointment. If you want to learn how to generate your own sales leads, Marketing Mastery Elite can show you more about how to mastery your business and get quality paying leads.

Generating The Lead

Step #2: The Sales Call & Closing The Leads

Yes! You have generated some leads and now you’re ready to hop on the phone and talk to each prospect. But, hold up… Are you prepared? Do you have a sales script or sales guideline to follow? Do you understand each part of the sales call or sales process?

You need to make sure that you understand the customer, their needs, and what to say to every prospect and lead you’re going to talk with. We’ll include a general sales script guideline below that you can copy and use for free.

Either way, the sales call and closing the lead is the most difficult part of the sale. It involves great listening skills, the ability to relate to others, and asking the right questions at the right time, in the right way.

High Ticket Sales Script

The below sales script will walk you through what generally needs to be discussed in each part of a sales conversation. You will want to go through this script in the order these steps are laid out.

Intro & Rapport Building

The first portion of your sales call should be to simply say Hi, get to know a little more about the person you’re talking with, and build a little rapport. A quick, 3-5 minute small talk. Then, you want to transition to telling them what you’re conversation is going to consist of, and ask if that’s okay with them if you go through what you plan to go through.

Questions & Diagnosis

You need to understand your clients problems, main issues, and the solutions they’re looking for – on a high ticket phone sales call, before you can offer any solutions or your services. This is when you will ask questions about the client, what they’ve been going through, and understand their needs.

Deep Dive Questions

Once you’ve gotten a basis prognosis of your prospects problems and desires, you now need to deep dive and discover what exactly are their issues, so you can understand how to offer them your services. As well, you need to deeply understand your client in order to actually be capable of helping them.


As you’ve identified the prospects problems, you now want to ask if they want help solving those problems with our potential solutions… So for example you’d say…”From what you told me, you don’t follow up with your email list often. “Do you think if we helped you follow up more and with the right material, you’d convert more leads into customers?” – of course they will answer yes. You will continue asking these questions, until you have a full stack of solutions you can offer and ways to solve all of their problems.


After you’ve gone through your whole prognosis, ask in question format if they want the types of solutions you can offer. “So from what you told me, it seems like if we did X, Y, Z, and Q, you’d be way more profitable. Would you like us to help you with that?” Now, the prospect has said yes to you, and agreed to your solutions, many times over, and they are ready to close.


After you’ve gone through them answering “yes” to them wanting the results your services or products provide, what do you do? Just ask, “So do you want us to do all of this stuff for you?”

They say yes… Then say, “Great, let’s get your started, here’s how to get paid up and onboarded”. And that’s it!

This sales script, or high ticket phone sales script, is effortless to close people. Because you aren’t selling them, you’re just asking what they want in the right ways. Learning how to close easy and successfully will increase your earnings quite handsomely.

Step #3: Sales Fulfillment & Supporting The Customer

Great! You’ve sold the customer and collected the commission for the sale.. Now what? You need to make sure that customer is able to quickly receive the product, service, resources, or item they purchased. As well, if they need to be onboarded, that needs to be taken care of as well.

The process of following up with a customer and supporting them after a purchase, is possibly even more important then the process of acquiring and selling to them. A customer can either be a lifetime buyer and fan, or a one time purchase that barely likes the results they generate. This is why you must treat your customers properly.

Sales Fulfillment & Supporting The Customer

How can I sell my high ticket offer over the phone?

You either need to do inbound lead gen, or outbound lead then. Then, once the leads schedule a call with you, simply jump on the call once it’s time to talk. Follow the above script, and you should have no trouble getting high close rates and selling high ticket offers over the phone.

How much do high ticket closers make?

This depends on how good you are at closing prospects over the phone. If you’re good, you can make upwards of between $100,000 – $200,000+ a year. Although, the average high ticket closer makes below $100,000. As you progress your skill, get better at being natural in a high ticket phone sales situation, you’ll begin increasing your closing rates.

Final Thoughts On How To Do High Ticket Phone Sales

Doing high ticket phone sales is a learned skill that can generate real high ticket sales and income streams. Whether you want to integrate high ticket phone sales into your business model, or you want to learn how to do high ticket phone sales yourself – we highly recommend that you learn more about this method of sales.

We’ve even created a full high ticket digital marketing guide to walk you through everything high ticket sales!

You can also learn from consulting how to structure your offer, the best high ticket price point, and any other sales or business thoughts or problems you want to work through.

I hope this guide on how to do high ticket phone sales has helped you learn more about the high ticket sales space, I appreciate your time reading and learning this article.

With my kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

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